What? It’s 2017 already?


In France, we have this saying that, as long as it is still January, it’s OK to wish Happy New Year. So here I am, hoping that you will have a great year, in 2017. If you are still around, this means that you are the best, because, come on, I didn’t write a thing in here for almost a year! I still cannot believe it. So, for you, the best of the best, la crème de la crème, I wish you that you dreams come true in 2017.

But you are probably wondering why I didn’t post since January 29th 2016, right? To be honest, it’s a combination of a few factors, a lack of time – obviously, but also a lack of motivation. I would not say that I was depressed, but I had some bad personal news and I had to deal with them, and to deal with the new “me”, learn to know her…

2017 will not be an easy year for me, far from this. I will tell you more in due time, no worries. But I will try to go on with this journey with you anyway, because I still believe I can help you, dear readers, to try to bring a bit of futility in your daily routine… and also try to give you good beauty and lifestyle advises / reviews. And you can definitely help me by making me smile for every comment, or just by the thought that I was able to help one of you.

This new chapter of our lives will start tomorrow. I can’t wait, what about you?


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