Me, myself and… Christmas [Youtube]


It’s the first of December, the time to open the first window of the Advent Calendar. I should say “advent calendars” since I bought three of them this year (including the amazing Liberty London Beauty one)…

Well, let’s be honest… I do not really deserve them, but I definitely am crazy about Christmas. Not because of the religion or the presents (well, maybe a bit for the presents!), but thank to the magical atmosphere around us in December: the lightings, the mulled wine, the Christmas jumpers, the holiday songs…

So, this year, as I am doing it since 2010 on my French blog Apologie d’une Shopping-Addicte… I have prepared a full month of Christmas delights. Every day, I will share with you some of my favourite Christmas movies, some of my spicy and conforting teas, some of my makeup looks in video.

And let’s start with a quick look at my Christmas tree, my three amazing Advent calendars and… my joy to alk about Christmas all month long!

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