My first Youtube video – Join me on Youtube!


I am proud to announce you that, today, I uploaded my very first Youtube video. It was a project of mine since June 2013 and I finally achieved it, yeah!

It took me time to fulfill this project, because of the money aspect first (I bought a new camera for this purpose only) and because I wasn’t enough confident about myself.

I am not a very shy person, but I am definitely perfectionist. So I was afraid to not bare editing my own videos, to want to film the videos over and over again to be perfect on them… Well, I was afraid to never be about to upload a video because it cannot be perfect!

But, in the end, I trained myself on bad quality videos and I realized I can make it, I can see myself on the screen, I can listen to my own voice and not want to turn the volume off. I can edit and be closed to push the upload button…

Well, now, you can watch me on Youtube (and joke about my French accent). This video is only a presentation one, I will upload videos every 5 days or so… so stay tuned, the next one will a London haul!

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