Welcome on my new blog: A French Beauty Blog!

Hello everybody!

I am happy to welcome you on my new blog: A French Beauty Blog.

Why “new”? Because I am the proud owner of a French beauty blog since 2010 and, after hesitating for months, I am now ready to share some of my posts with the English-speaking community.

Apologie d’une shopping-addicte

The first goal of my French blog Apologie d’une Shopping-Addicte was to counterbalance my tendency to buy a lot of things (call me shopaholic) by telling my readers if, finally, they worth the hype or not. I guess translating my opinions into English is the next step of my redemption, to reach more people (and try to improve my English simultaneously, as I now live in the UK).

A French Beauty Blog

On this blog, I will be talking a lot about beauty, of course, but also about other things I am interested in, as culture (books, movies, TV shows…), food (teas, puddings…), lifestyle and fashion… Because, let’s admit it, I am really chatty and I have a lot to share with you!

Be ready for my first reviews that will be posted on a daily basis!

- Cyrielle

PS: To learn more about me, I encourage you to have a look at my “About” page.

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