A complete beauty routine

I wanted to share with you what is, for me, a complete beauty routine. After decades of reading beauty articles in magazines, after years of following beauty blogs… I do know what are the most important steps to take care of ourselves, from head to toe. Some of my tips will maybe seem pretty obvious, but I am pretty sure everybody could learn one or two things from this. Everything is not mandatory, but the main principles worths being applied.

beauty routine

My everyday beauty routine:

8.00 am: The alarm rings, I detoxify my organism with a large glass of (lukewarm) water with a bit of lemon juice.

8.05 am: It’s time for breakfast, the most important meal of the day! It should be pretty calorific and should contain carbs, proteins, vitamins and water. My usual is 4 toasts with cream cheese, 1 banana, 1 small glass of orange juice and 1 cup of black tea.

8.35 am: I wash my face with a specific cleanser, I use a toner (to balance the pH of my skin) and, before it’s totally dry, I apply a moisturizing cream all over my face, my ears and my neck. If you feel the need, it’s better to also use a serum before the cream and to use an eye cream.

8.40 am: I apply antiperspirant, I dress up, I dress my hair, I check my emails…

8.50 am: I brush my teeth. We always should wait for 15 minutes between eating and brushing our teeth. What kind of toothbrush to use? Electric toothbrushes are way more efficient and easier to use than manual ones. Always choose the sensitive range of head and try to use a mouthwash to treat your gum and keep a fresh breath.

8.52 am: Now that my teeth are clean, I apply a bit of lip balm. It is not good to apply makeup right after skin care, so I prepare my lunch, check my emails, clean a little…

9.00 am: Makeup time! I will talk to you about my makeup routine later, as it is not mandatory to be a beauty!

11. am: Need something to eat? An apple would be great, as much as carrot sticks with cucumber and mint yogurt.

1.00 pm: Lunch time, with carbs, vegetables, proteins… and why not a fruit? Don’t forget to drink water all day long to take care of your skin. Green tea is great for hydration.

5.00 pm: It’s time for a quick break. A cereal bar, a few nuts, a rice cake… it’s not difficult to treat ourself without chocolate or fatty products. No more black tea, to avoid caffeine.

8.00pm: Back home, I have a light supper. A soup or a salad, some vegetables and a yogurt are enough, no need for carbs to sleep well.

8.30 pm: If I wore makeup, I remove it with a makeup remover. Did you try oily ones? They are the best! Please note that micellar waters are like diluted shower gels: they are not makeup removers (by the way: they are supposed to be rinsed).

8.35 pm: I brush my teeth (don’t forget to change the head every 3 months and to not use a whitening toothpaste more than one week per month). As I prefer to workout before my daily shower and I take my shower preferably by night, it’s time to spend some calories!

9.10 pm: I am sweating, I jump under the shower! I use a face cleanser and shower gel every time. Twice a week, I also wash my hair with a shampoo and use a conditioner to protect it. Twice a week too (when the conditioner is doing its job), I use a face scrub and a body scrub.

9.30 pm: If I used a face scrub, I do a face mask first. Then it’s time to do the basics again: toner and moisturizer are my best friends. I also use a serum and an eye cream, this latter is supposed to be applied where the orbital, not on the lid.

9.40 pm: I love to apply my body lotion when I am watching TV shows. I also use this time to use a foot cream, a hand cream (technically I use it all day long, every time I wash my hands) and a huge amount of lip balm. Usually, I drink one cup of infusion to calm and relax…


Everybody should use every day: a face cleanser, a face toner, a face moisturizer, a lip balm, a deodorant, a toothbrush and a toothpaste, a shower gel (or soap), a body lotion and a foot cream.

And everybody should use twice a week: a shampoo, a conditioner, a face scrub and a body scrub.

More tips?

- Always use products that are adapted to your skin / hair type. Don’t forget that hydration is the key for all skin types. That’s why it is better to not let your face mask to dry too much before removing it.

- Always be gentle with your skin and your hair. If you are to violent with them, they will produce sebum to protect themselves… Avoid brutal ingredients as alcohol in your beauty products or sulfates in your shampoos. Avoid sun too, or use a  sun cream everywhere (even on your hair). Try not to use a hair dryer every time you wash your hair.

- Try to not use hot water under the shower or when you wash your face. Dry your skin right after the shower.

- Do not apply your conditioner on extremely wet hair (it will dilute the product) or on the hair roots. Try to brush your hair only when it’s dried. A weekly oil bath is great for your hair. After, I recommend you to shampoo it twice to make sure you removed all of the oil.

- When you remove your nail polish from your nails, wash your hand right away. Always use a base before applying nail polish. Always use a top coat on top of your nail polish (and preferably reapply it every day).

- …

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  6. Sohanna

    Your everyday routine with tips! Great, I love your unique writing style and obviously your beauty tips too. I will try to follow your routine, but with my own style.


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