Caudalie Thé des Vignes Fresh Fragrance [Review]

To my knowledge, Caudalie is one of the most famous French brands (they have spa (spas?) all over the world since a few years!). I wanted today to talk to you about one of their fragrance, Thé des Vignes, as I am finishing my own bottle and it is a good perfume for the season.

thé des vignes caudalie

It is an eau de toilette (be careful not to pronounce it “toilets”…), that means Thé des Vignes has less alcohol than “real” perfumes. It will therefore have a lighter scent that does not stay all day on the skin. It is perfect for spring, but make sure to avoid the sun as 10% of alcool is enough to create sunburns and allergies.

Anyway, Thé des Vignes is (supposedly) the most sensual fragrance from the Caudalie “Eau Fraîche” range, thanks to its composition that contains musk, neroli, ginger, orange blossoms… We are supposed to wear it in the late afternoon, before a date…

However, in my opinion, this fragrance does not smell like that at all! Of course, it’s floral and a little bit woody, but it’s too light to be sensual. It is more a very fresh scent that you can wear anytime, when you go to a movie, to work or even to workout! I really like it as an everyday perfume, but I would never wear this for a date, to seduce somebody. Of course, it depends on your tastes, but I thought I better warn you about it, as you can order it online, without smelling it.

My advise would be to definitely smell this fragrance first, to make sure it suits your needs. Then you can buy it but be careful with the prices: officially, in France, the 50mL bottle costs 22 euros (to date: 18 pounds) and on the UK Caudalie website it’s 26 pounds! You can buy it cheaper on Amazon, by example…

My review: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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