Chloé Eau de Parfum [Review]


Let’s start my welcome back party with a life-long friend of mine: my eau de parfum from Chloé.

I have this bottle of Chloé since its creation, in 2008. I know, I used only 20mL of my 30mL bottle in 7 years, but I have a good excuse: I cherish this perfume so much, I don’t want to waste it. I want to wear it only on particular days.

Why? Because I looooove its scent, da! It is said to be floral, and I am not a floral girl usually, but I don’t know, this fragrance is so well balanced, between a childlish yummy side (litchi, according to the pyramid) and a modern adult scent (freesia, powdery hints). It’s like this perfume defines me, the 27-years-old girl who still loves Disney movies!

Frankly, my best advice would be to go to Boots to smell it by yourself (on your skin, it’s the best). You will see if this perfume is meant to be for you, and if you should add it on your Christmas list. Because, well, can a Christmas tree be happy without a fragrance at its feet?

PS: I missed you, so here is another advice, perfume-wise: glass bottles of perfumes should not be kept more than 2 years, because it oxydates. You can keep them for longer if you store them in a dark cupboard away from the heater…

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