Clarins Sunshine Fragrance [Review]

Last year, at the beginning of summer, I bought Clarins Sunshine Fragrance after smelling it and falling in love with it. (And because it was 30% off in a gift set with a 10mL travel bottle and a nice beauty bag…)

eau ensoleillante clarins

Clarins fragrances, in my opinion, are more than “real” fragrances. They are called “eau” in France because their main goal is not to perfume you skin, but to take care of you with phytotherapy and aromatherapy effects. For example, the Invigorating one (“eau dynamisante” in French) is tonifying.

I chose the Sunshine Fragrance because, of course, it was summer and I liked its smell. Bonus point: you can wear it at the beach and be sure you will not have a sun allergy, because this fragrance is not photosensitive.

As I told you, I loved this smell. The notes are supposed to be the following: satsuma, grapefruit, ylang-ylang and other flowers, patchouli and tonka bean… but let’s be honest: I do not recognize a single one. It’s just warm, a bit fruity and sweetly, perfect for holiday. I tend to say that it smells like sun, or more like the skin that was under the sun all afternoon, but it is not that sensual. So I tend to wear it every day in summer (except when I am using my Rem perfume), no matter what I plan to do, how I dress up… It’s an easy-going fragrance that just fit me, I guess.

This product is easy to find in the UK. I found the 100mL bottle for £32 at Debenhams , John Lewis and House of Fraser. For once, it’s cheaper than in France where the same bottle is at 50 euros (£35). Boots sells only the other fragrances from Clarins, not this one, at the same price. Weirdly, I did not find it as well on Amazon UK. Even with its French name “eau ensoleillante”.

My review: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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