Reminiscence REM Eau de Toilette [Review]

Looking for a fragrance perfect for this summer-y weather? I have got what you need: REM from Reminiscence. This fresh eau de toilette will remind you instantly what it feels like to be on holiday.

rem reminiscence

I was completely crazy about REM last year and, since the sun appears in the UK, I can’t help myself: I have to wear it over and over again. Reminiscence used calone as a top note to produce a fragrance that smells like sea sprays. It’s fresh, addictive, it’s like lying on the beach… Can I please have a Mojito?

The other top notes are more floral (rose, lilac, jasmine) but they are less noticeable. That’s maybe why this perfume is supposed to be unisex… Personally, I find it feminine in a way, probably because the base notes are sweet: hello vanilla and tonka bean! Even if the heart notes are woody (patchouli) and spicy (fenugreek).

Because REM is an eau de toilette, don’t expect it to last all day. Personally, I don’t mind using it twice a day, as I am deeply in love of the top notes and the memories they bring back to me every time I smell them. Don’t forget, nevertheless, that this fragrance from Reminiscence contains alcohol: do not use it on your skin if you plan to lay on the beach or to stay more than a few minutes on the sunny terrace. I recommend you to use it preferably on your clothes (except if they are delicate and expensive, you don’t want to ruin them).

You can buy REM in the French Reminiscence shops, of course, but also on their website (available in English) and on Amazon.

My review: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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