Arkopharma Phytobronz Sun-Preparing Capsules [Review]

I come from the South of France, a region where the sun is shining almost all of the time during spring and summer. It’s not difficult to get tanned there. With my fair skin type and my sun allergy, I am careful and I take these sun-preparing capsules Phytobronz from Arkopharma!

arkopharma phytobronz sun

I use sun-preparing capsules mostly because of my sun allergy. They prevent me from having rashes, also called polymorphic light eruptions. Thanks to them, I can show my skin in public and I do not scratch it. Bonus point, because it takes ages for me to get tanned, I can gain colours (not red!) faster. I am not tempted to skip a sun cream application. This last point makes me say that sun-preparing capsules are the best for everybody, for our health and our beauty.

I am pretty convinced by these Arkopharma Phytobronz capsules. They are not too big so it’s easy to swallow them with a glass of water (personally, I take them with yogurt during my diner). They contain a lot of great things as wheat, sunflower and borage oils, carotenoids,… Thanks to the addition of tocopherol and grape extract, they provide us enough vitamin E and antioxidants to protect ourselves from sun damages (in normal condition). Careful, they are not suitable for vegetarians as they contain fish gelatine.

As I told you, these capsules help my skin to get tanned a bit. With a SPF 50 sun cream, my skin was able to become a bit golden for the first time in my life!

One capsule has to be taken every day. When I purchase it for the first time (2010), the box of 30 caps was 20 euros, but I found today on Amazon UK two boxes for less than 20 pounds: that’s amazing! Don’t forget to start your regimen 15 days before going in holiday and to make it last until 15 days after too!

One last tip: did you know that most of the contraceptive pills makes you photosensitive? That’s why they advise us to not take them during day light.

My review: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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