Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray [Review] *

Avène is known worldwide for these beauty products. They all contain the Thermal Spring Water of this French city, that is supposed to be great for the skin. If you don’t want to change all of your beauty routine to try this miraculous water, you can try its thermal water spray instead.

thermal water spray avene

Easily found at Boots or online (on Amazon and Boots, you can buy the 150mL spray for less than 7 pounds), this product can be used in several ways. You can just spray it on your skin when you wake up. Or at anytime during the day (especially if you’re feeling hot in summer or after workout). You can use it instead of tap water to rinse your cleansing product (it is particularly advised if the tap water contains too much calcaire). You can replace your toner with this water. Or you can fix your makeup by spraying a bit of this product through a facial tissue.

In my opinion, this product is not necessary: except if your skin is sensitive, you will not suffer from using tap water or a classic toner. But if you want to use Avène Thermal Water Spray, why not? I just have to warn you: in summer, using water spray is addictive and you will spend a lot if you stick to Avène ones. Just to let you know, in every supermarkets in France, you can find thermal water sprays from brands that are less famous and less expensive (Casino, Carrefour… it depends on your supermarket). And the sprays are as efficient as Avène one, my skin doesn’t feel a single difference! It is better for your budget, for sure.

My review: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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