Bioderma Micelle Solution Sébium H2O [Review]

To my knowledge, Bioderma micelle solution was the first micellar water to become popular (and the first I tried). Depending on your skin type, you can use the Hydrabio range (if you have a dehydrated skin), the Créaline range (if your skin is sensitive) or, mine, the Sébium solution that is perfect for combination to oily skin.

sébium h2o bioderma

First, I just want to remind you that, as I wrote it in my beauty routine, in my opinion, a micellar water is not supposed to remove makeup. Micelles are soap particles, you can see them if you stir your bottle. Your skin need tenderness, and a proper makeup remover (as this oil from L’Oréal) does the job without hurting it. If you use a product that cannot perfectly dissolve the makeup, you can of course scrub it with your product and a cotton pad… but your skin will suffer in the end. Almost all of the brands of micellar waters makes you believe that it removes makeup because it’s appealing in our world where free time is rare. I am glad to talk to you today about Bioderma Sébium solution as it’s one of the few brands that do not lie to us about this.

That’s why I used this micelle solution from Bioderma as a cleansing water, not more. I used it twice a day for months (I owned two or three 500mL big bottles) and I was quite happy with it. I liked the fact that it’s easy to use (just pour some on your [non-disposable] cotton pad and apply it on your skin to cleanse) and it does not leave my face sticky. Careful, as I said, it’s like soap… i DEEPLY recommand you to rinse it afterwards, with some water, a lotion,…

I was happy with it… but let’s admit it: it’s just a cleanser, it does not make miracles. My oily skin stayed oily, I am just glad it did not become more oily. It could have been, since the ingredients list is scary: there is a few natural or artificial allergens (as propylene glycol or disodium EDTA) and some alcoholic compounds (remember that alcohol dehydrates the skin, that leads to more oil, more spots…).

In the end, I recommend it anyway because I think it’s better for your skin to save some time and not skip the cleansing step of your beauty routine, than to use a classic cleanser that you will forget next to your sink.

My review: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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