AnneMarie Börlind Sun Care Lip Balm [Review] *

Even if AnneMarie sounds like a French first name, the brand we are talking about today is not French but German. For summer, AnneMarie Börlind provides us with its great lip balm: Sun Care.


This lip balm is a stick, therefore it is easy to use. Because this product is not colored, we do not even need a mirror to hydrate our lips, that’s fab! (Believe me, I really love tinted balms, but they are not that easy to apply perfectly without a mirror.)

This Sun Care Lip Balm has a SFP 20 that provides an intermediate sun filter, to avoid dehydration and then chapped lips. It’s not as strong as SFP 50, but it’s still a beginning and it allows it to be completely transparent, and not white-ish. This product is extremely comfortable on lips, it provides hydration, nutrition and protection for normal to dry lips (except for the extremely dry ones that require special care).

The brand AnneMarie Börlind is pretty conscious in term of ecology. The ingredients list of this product may be long, but it is definitely green, especially at the beginning. It definitely worths the try: less than 6 pounds online (I found a few websites selling it in the UK), and you can use this lip balm every day for months!

My review: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Buy this product on Amazon* : Börlind Annemarie Lsf 20 5 g / Lip Balm

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