Clinique Anti-blemish solutions Clearing Moisturizer [Review]

It’s funny, I was pretty sure that Clinique is a French brand… but I had a look to their Wikipedia page and realize my mistake. Never mind, today, we are going to talk about a Clinique clearing moisturizer especially made for oily and acne-prone skin, the Anti-blemish solutions clearing one.

clearing moisturizer clinique

Because, in French, the word “clinique” is related to health (it’s a kind of hospital), people usually believe that this brand is extremely good of the skin. Let’s face it: this is not the case. The composition of its skin care products is often very bad, as this one that contains tons of bad ingredients: silicone, EDTA, phenoxyethanol… The last two are allergens, the first is counterproductive on oily skin: it plugs our pores, leaving more sebum inside, leading to even more dilated pores and a very happy place for the bacteria causing acne.

It’s very far from the promises of this Clinique moisturizer: fighting against blemishes, helping the pores and regulating sebum… No wonder that I did not see a single benefit of using this clearing moisturizer on my skin! I used it first as a night cream (I usually go for the very mattifying skin cares as day creams) and it seems like a normal cream, that just hydrates the skin. But when I tried it as a day cream, I realize how much this moisturizer plugs the pores: my skin was perspiring a lot in a few minutes!

In the end, even as a night cream, I do not recommend you to try this product. Oily skin with blemishes deserves way more care than that, especially if you really want to see benefits on your skin. Save your money (£19 at Boots) for a real care.

My review: 1 Stars (1 / 5)

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