Ducray Keracnyl PP Anti-blemish Soothing Cream [Review] *

In my opinion, the main difference between French and British beauty products is the fact that, in France, we have an alternative to supermarket products vs. luxury ones: “(para) pharmacy” brands that are thought to offer scientific care to our skin, at good prices. Unfortunately, it is not always the case.

keracnyl cream ducray

Ducray is a brand from the same group of Avène, Pierre Fabre Group / Laboratories. Its Keracnyl range is designed for oily blemish-prone skins, just as mine. My anti-blemish soothing cream was supposed to reduce acne marks, irritation and inflamed spots from my skin. Let’s face it: it did not. I have used this cream for months, every morning, and neither acne marks nor inflamed spots decreases in any way. And I do not even talk about my lack of matte skin!

At first, I enjoyed using this skin care because it’s easy to apply and it does not leave the skin sticky. But, even if this cream only costs 10 euros, I cannot advise it to you. Why? Because its lack of efficacy shows a big lack of knowledge about oily skin. We are here far from the scientifical skin care… Oily skin usually have dilated pores which accumulates sebum (which leads to acne bacterial proliferation). These pores should not be blocked by occlusive cosmetic product. And, guess what? This Ducray Keracnyl PP soothing cream contains mainly silicones, the major occlusive ingredients!

My review: 1 Stars (1 / 5)

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