Filorga Lumitherapist LED Device [Review] *

This is not a surprise that the Lumitherapist LED Device from Filorga is one of my most requested articles: I made an honest mistake by calling it “luminotherapist” on Apologie d’une Shopping-Addicte and it seems that everybody is doing the same mistake by asking Google about it!

lumitherapist led filorga

I tried the Lumitherapist LED Device for more than a month and, let’s admit it, I wasn’t convinced at all. This device has to be used with the LED Booster cream, and both are sold… 274 pounds at Marks & Spencer* ! For this price, I supposed Lumitherapist was doing miracles, it did not.

Lumitherapist diffuses three light waves (one blue, one red, one yellow) that are related to three different beauty programmes: firmness, flaw-free skin and anti-fatigue radiance. I used it 8 minutes per day to improve the quality of my acne prone skin. I liked its design, how easy it is to use (once you’ve read the manual) and the fact that the LED Booster product did not give sticky skin.

I have to admit that it wasn’t easy for me to find 8 minutes to use it every evening / night (you have to wear no makeup at all when you use it). Nevertheless, my trial was enough for me to notice the major problem of this device: because of the LED lights next to my eyes, I was closing my eyes that much that I had headaches and that these 8 minutes seem to long. And I don’t even talk about the wrinkles I could get because of all of this tension in my face!

Of course, I did not obtain any skin improvement after a month of trial. Just a little mention to the fact that the scientific tests of this product have been done on 12 subjects only (4 persons by program?): how can it be relevant? Especially for the flaw-free skin mission, as our blemishes fluctuate a lot in one month, because of our hormones…

* If you really want to try it, you should know that this kit is easily found at less than 200 euros in France, that means less than 163 pounds to date. Since this device proposes 3 different programs, why not sharing it with your friends and family to decrease your investment?

My review: 3 Stars (3 / 5)

Buy this product on Amazon* : Filorga Lumitherapist

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