La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC Sun Fluid [Review]

I try to be careful on what I apply on my oily skin, even when it comes to sun cream. That’s why I tried the La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC fluid, a sun cream especially designed for people with blemishes.

anthelios ac fluid roche-posay

Use a specific sun cream when you have acne-prone skin helps to not have even more spots. Non-comedogenic, this Anthelios AC sun cream was very good for it and, thanks to its SPF 30, was effective against the UVA and the UVB. Unfortunately, this sun cream is not easy to live with…

This Anthelios AC sun cream is extremely liquid, I had to be careful for it not to leak on the floor. It does not smell like sun cream (too bad, I like this smell that reminds me holidays…).

According to my dermatologist’s advises, I applied it on top of my day cream, in the morning and every two hours if I was outside. I should say “I tried to apply it” because this fluid does not penetrate the skin very easily first thing in the morning.

I had to massage my skin over and over again… It left my skin very weird: I could see a blue-ish effect on my skin tone, and because I had too much layer of product on my face for a warm summer day, my skin was immediately like sweating…

I did not apply any makeup on top of it, it was already too much for my skin. Two hours later, when it’s time to apply it again, my skin disagreed and the layers of cream seemed to peel during the massage: I had white solid product everywhere! If I was unfortunate and I needed to get out in the city centre, my skin was sweating even more (I used 3 tissues in less that 90 minutes, once, to try to dry my face and my neck).

As you can read it, I was not happy with this sun cream. In France, this product costs 10 euros for 50mL. You can find a 2-tubes pack on Amazon for 33 pounds. But I do recommend you to try, instead, the new matte fluid version, maybe it’s better (I did not find it on Amazon, but it seems that several online shops delivered it…).

My review: 3 Stars (3 / 5)

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