Lancaster After Sun Moisturizing Lotion [Review]

After ages of online searches, I discover that Lancaster is not a French brand, but a brand from Monaco. Never mind, Monaco is almost France, si let’s say we will talk today about a French product!

lancaster moisturizing lotion after sun

Lancaster is a luxury cosmetic brand specially designed for sun care. I tried its sun cream and an after sun lotion, and we will talk about the latter today, because, in my opinion, moisturizing your skin after being on the sun is almost as much important than protecting it from the sun. I found this product in France, but Lancaster is available in the UK at Debenhams and on Amazon. This moisturizing lotion will cost you around 20 pounds, which is a bargain for me because it costs 35 euros in France (125mL).

This after sun lotion is supposed to make your tan last longer, to keep your skin soft and to calm down the skin after the sun. I like the idea of a product that makes your tan last longer, because the tan will be more visible and, therefore, the customers will not go crazy on the sun, without a sun cream, just to be tanned no matter what.

Lancaster advises us to use this product at least 4 days after an afternoon on the sun. You can apply it on your body and on your face, twice a day, but, personally, I did not apply it twice a day on my face because my oily skin needs to be regulated. Very creamy, this after sun lotion is extremely fresh on the skin and calm it down instantly. I really love its smell, its powdery and very subtle, but it makes me want to apply even more product on my skin, which is never a bad idea!

The only downs about this lotion is the fact that, first, I really cannot use it on my face during the day. It makes me even more oily. Secondly, I did not see a real difference in term of tan after applying it. Worth, I found that my skin prickles a bit every time I apply this on it, and I am not confident therefore with the allergenic properties of this after sun. I am pretty sure this product contains a lot of bad ingredients…

In the end, I do recommend the usage of an after sun… but not this one! As always, luxury brand are not perfect, even when they come from France!

My review: 3 Stars (3 / 5)

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