L’Oréal Skin Perfection Cleansing Oil [Review]

As I was mentioning it in my beauty routine, I love using oil to remove my makeup. I have tried recently the L’Oréal Cleansing Oil, from the Skin Perfection range. And I love it!

cleansing oil l'oréal


Firstly because it’s cheap (I bought it discounted in Boots in the UK, but even without a discount, this product is affordable: 8 pounds). In the past, I have used other brands of cleansing oils but it was more expensive and definitely more difficult to find. Makeup remover shouldn’t be expensive, it’s one of the basic steps from beauty routine and too much women already skip it. Be aware that this 150mL bottle can be used for months, every day, it’s a bargain comparing to wipes!

I am happy with this oil for another reason: it is definitely 100% efficient to remove makeup. You just need to massage your dry skin (and your eye lids too) with this product, and the cleansing oil does its job gently in less than 1 minute (I will not say “15 seconds”…). Then, to remove the mess from your skin, just add water and… voila: bye-bye makeup and hello great skin!

Last but not least, removing makeup with cleansing oil is great because you do not use cotton pad. It’s better from your skin (cotton pads tend to be harsh), it’s better for your budget… and it’s definitely better for the planet (especially if you use disposable occidental cotton pads, as they become white after a chemical treatment).

So… why not trying this product, guys? I bet you will be as charmed as I am.

PS: Just a little reminder: even if this oil is called “cleansing”, it does not allow us to skip the next step of the beauty routine: washing your skin with a specific product. Believe me, it’s better for your skin: you don’t want to leave oil on your pores…

My review: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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