Lush Mask of Magnaminty Cleanser [Review]

That’s a little bit confusing, but we are talking about Lush Mask of Magnaminty today and this product is a cleanser as well as a facial mask (technically, it’s a scrub too).

mask magnaminty lush

How come? It contains kaolin that cleanse the skin (and remove sebum and everything. Small pieces of aduki beans are inside this Lush product and scrub the face when you apply it. And peppermint oil, honey, glycerine… are up to provide an intensive skin care as a mask.

Personally, I used this Mask of Magnaminty both way and, since I have a very oily skin with a lot of blemishes (particularly transparent microcysts), I was very happy to be able to use it every single day (morning and/or night) to get my skin smoother. I would not recommend it for sensitive skin.

This product smells like mint (like After Eight sweets) and it feels very fresh on the skin, especially if you store it in the fridge when you are not using it. I had the feeling that this helps my skin to regulate better its sebum production, its dilated pores… Even if I did not see any real improvement (except for the smooth skin).

Mask of Magnaminty is a fresh product that can be used up to 3 months after being produced. The big pot of 315g (£9.25) lasts 2 months if you use it twice a day or so. If you want to buy it anyway but you prefer to use it less often, follow my advise: put half of it in the freezer to make sure you will not used it expired. Or you can just buy the small pot (125g, £5,25).

My review: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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