My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask [Review]

chocolate truffle my beauty diary

Have you tried on sheet beauty masks? They are super convenient to remove (you don’t have to scratch your face to remove every bit of it from it) and they can be very cheap… in Asia.

A few years ago, I bought the affordable Asian super-star: My Beauty Diary Sheets Masks (it cost something like 3 pounds for 10 masks). I chose a few scents, including this one: Chocolate Truffle.

It’s supposed to illuminate the skin, which is not my priority. Actually, I chose it for its chocolatey smell… and I was kind of disappointed. Of course, you can recognize a chocolate perfume… but, comparing to my Lush must-have Cupcake, it’s super chemical, you are not that tempted to lick your own beauty mask! On top of that, after 20 minutes of wearing it (you can see me with it on the following video), you remove it and there is a sticky feeling on your face. I had to remove the excess of product, which was supposed to penetrate inside your skin during the wear. Plus, with my oily skin, there is no way I could benefit from the illuminating properties of this care…

In the end, I would only recommand you this product if you need to illuminate / clarify your skin. Don’t buy it from the other isde of the world if you cannot benefit from its powers.

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