Soap and Glory Daily Shine Glad Hair Day Conditioner [Review]

When it comes to products for my oily hair, I become pretty careful not to increase my sebum production. That’s why I do my best to avoid sodium laureth sulfate (a very irritating agent) and silicones in my hair routine. But, sometimes, I fail (I am human, after all) and that’s what happened when I bought my Glad Hair Day conditioner from Soap and Glory.

glad hair day soap glory

Silicones are not good for hair because they cover the hair fibres: the active ingredients of your hair care will not be able to work. Usually, silicones are easy to detect in ingredients list because of their names finishing by -cone (as the famous “dimethicone”). But some of them rhyme with -xane as “cyclopentasiloxane”. This one is contained in my daily shine conditioner and is a well-known endocrine disruptor: we really have to avoid it.

I used this Soap and Glory conditioner during my road trip in the UK. I just need something to detangle my hair, and this product made the job. I was very careful when using it, to avoid applying it on my roots (silicones increase the level of sebum in our roots, and I have already too much sebum there). In the end, my hair wasn’t worst after using this product, so it’s not that bad… but I cannot recommend you this conditioner as the interest of a conditioner is to offer a special care for our hair and, clearly, the use of silicones doesn’t allow it.

My review: 3 Stars (3 / 5)

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