Avène Couvrance Compact Foundation [Review]

I am back with an Avène product review, but a make up one, this time! My dermatologist advised me this Couvrance Compact Foundation because it’s oil free (my oily skin doesn’t need more oil) and I tried it on the road one year ago.

couvrance avène

It was very easy for me to apply some makeup during my road trip in the UK, thanks to the case of this creamy but solid product. I loved its mirror and its sponge (too bad I couldn’t clean it during my travel), but I was afraid of spots because, weeks after weeks, some dirts hang on the Couvrance foundation. You don’t want bacteria on your skin when you have oily skin…

With this sponge and this Avène foundation, my skin was perfected in less than a minute. A small amount of product was used every day: “couvrance” means coverage in French, I did not have to apply a lot of product to make my spots less visible. They were not invisible, though. This product made my skin looks more flawless and definitely super natural because I chose the perfect color: Porcelaine for my fair skin. Be sure, nevertheless, to not apply in on your eyebrows area or on dry patches: it looks horrible and not natural anymore!

The only bad thing, in the end, with this Couvrance foundation, is the fact that it does not matify the skin at all. It’s the least you can wait for, when it comes for oily skin product, but this creamy product is not powdery at all, you can expect to have a glowy face in a few hours… But because this product is not that expensive in France (15 euros in average), I did not mind using a powder on top of it (and retouching my make up during the day). BTW, in the UK, you can find this product sold on Amazon for 18 pounds.

My review: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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