By Terry Ombre Blackstar – Fizzy Jade [Review] *

Today, I wanted to talk to you about a product I really love during summer: the Ombre Blackstar from By Terry. I have the Fizzy Jade one, a very luminous green cream shadow that suits my green-brown eyes.  Technically, I could use it during winter too, but the cream eye shadow is pretty fresh on my eye lids so it’s very nice to apply it when it’s warm / hot.

ombre blackstar terry

It was my first eye shadow with a pen applicator and I have to admit it wasn’t that easy to deal with it, at first. The pen lead is not very thin so I had to be careful when I am doing my makeup… I use the pen lead directly on my lids to create an intense green halo (I blend the contours with my fingertips, but you can blend the halo to lose a little bit on intensity), but I apply this shadow with a lip brush when I want to use it as a liner.

fizzy jade terry

This Ombre Blackstar has one major default: because it’s a cream, I expected to last all day long, but, unfortunately, it creases after 10 hours or something. Even with an eye primer underneath.

The other problem about this By Terry product is its price: 30 something pounds for 1.2g of product. It’s not that bad, but bear in mind that this is cream eyeshadow and the pen is rapidly finished if you use it very often, like I did.

My review: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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