Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation Primer [Review]

Using a foundation primer on an oily skin is always a good idea, because it improves the lasting of the foundation, which tends to slide on the sebum we are over-producing. I used the Radiance primer from Laura Mercier, let me tell you what I thought about it.

Laura Mercier Primer Radiance

This primer can hydrate the skin so it’s also a skin care. Having skin issues, I did not use it alone on my skin, but on top of a day cream. Because this Radiance product is tinted, I guess you can use it as a tinted cream, or a BB cream (but it’s not a BB cream). Personally, I had to apply foundation on top of it because of my blemishes: they need way more coverage. (Be aware that only one colour is available. It suited my fair skin tone, but it may be problematic for extremely fair skin or tanned / black ones.)

It was very liquid, very easy to apply and to blend to avoid demarcations. Then I could apply my Dior liquid foundation as always, and go on with my makeup.

Let’s be clear: I loved this product. It helped my foundation to stay longer (and God knows the lengths of my days), it did not increase my oily problem and it did not lead to more spots. Bonus point, I could see that my skin was more radiant, my glow was incredible.

The only problem with this Radiance primer from Laura Mercier is its price: the 30mL tube costs 20 pounds (John Lewis – 50mL tube available). Because it is not enough by itself on my skin, it is not enough affordable for my budget.

My review: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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