Models Own Absinthe Nail Polish [Review]

absinthe models own

First of all, let me wish you (with a little bit of delay) a very merry Christmas. I hope that you had tons of great food on your Christmas table, that you were with your loved ones and that Santa was very generous with you (if you are on the nice ones list, of course!).

Today, I want to share the love with you. A love to a perfect nail polish from Models Own. I got this Absinthe nail polish (from the Velvet Goth collection) in my Birchbox in December and I used it for Christmas’ Eve. Ever since, my nails are perfect. Not a single chip! Three days + a lot of showers after, it looks like that:

models own absinthe

This nail polish is very easy to apply on the nails. One coat is enough to cover the natural color of the nail, but a second one add more intensity and depth to the manicure. This green nail polish has a dark green base and a ton of green sparkles, it’s like having a shiny Christmas tree on my nails!

Bonus point, it’s not that shiny, since the effect is a bit mat at the same time. I cannot explain it to you, it’s a Christmas miracle that my nails are sparkling and mat altogether!

The only problem with this product is that the nail polishes from Models Own is not available anymore at Boots. You can find some products from this brand at Superdrug, but it seems that Models Own wants to sell its nail polishes by itself now. I have heard about “bottleshops”, I hope to meet one soon in Exeter, Devon…

My review for this nail polish: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Buy this product at Superdrug or in a Models Own bottleshop!

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