My current beauty routine [Youtube]

beauty routine

In the end of September, I have uploaded a video on my Youtube channel about the products that I was currently using in my beauty routine. It’s the beginning of October now and I am still using these beauty products, so let me just share with you this video!

In it, you will be able to see the products that I am using on my face in the morning, but also those I am applying by night, and, meanwhile, those I am using in the shower. I have added mini reviews to let you know what I think about them.

A little reminder about the fact that I have oily skin, oily hair… so please do not copy-paste the same routine, except if you have the same skin and hair expectations. You can nevertheless check what kind of products I am using to make sure you have a complete beauty routine.

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One thought on “My current beauty routine [Youtube]

  1. batgirl

    I have the same skin and hair type, in my opinion most difficult to handle : (
    Unluckily in Poland we don’t have most of the products, but great collection though!

    my blog:


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