Recap – 3 years of Birchbox UK

birchbox uk

I wanted to start this new journey of AFBB with Birchbox UK.

Over the course of this blog, I talked quite a lot about this beauty concept, sharing with you a few of my Youtube videos of Birchbox unboxing. All of them can be found here, BTW.

If I stayed subscribed for three years, it’s because I loved receiving a parcel very month… and because, most of the time, I was really pleased with its content. Obviously I received way to many body moisturizers / black eyeliners / products from Beauty Protector… but, in the end of the day, I have discovered great brands, great products… and I definitely got a good value by using and abusing of the cashback and the fabulous concept of Birchbox points to spend on the e-shop.

I had to unsubscribe because, soon, I will leave the UK… and I will probably not subscribe to Birchbox Fr (because it is way less valuable and I will have a teeny tiny budget for cosmetics, buying the absolute necessity), but, believe me, this Birchbox UK subscription is already missed. I even miss my Hermes delivery guy that commented, last time, on all of the beauty parcels that I receive… !

At the beginning of this article, I thought I would add up the value of every box that I have received… but I have to be real and agree that I do not have time to open 36 Youtube videos to check this out (yep, it would take something like 40 minutes and it’s already Friday night).

So I will just open one, randomly, and pray for it to be representative of the value of every Birchbox I have received: April 2015 it will be, £46.78 it was. If I am totally honest, it included a £13 food supplement that I have never used, but, come one, even £33.78 in a month instead of £7.73 paid is a great deal!

That’s it for today, see you on Monday for a lifestyle article !

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