Dr. Brandt Detoxifying Antioxidant Water Booster [Review] *

water booster dr brandt

Dr. Brandt is one of my favourite cosmetic brand. I love its products, even the most weird of them: the water booster. In my French opinion, this kind of complement is supposed to be sold by parapharmacy brands, and since Dr. Brandt is not available there in France (but

atSephora), I first felt weird about this product. But, after thinking about it, I realized that the “Dr.” title can relate this brand to pharmacy.

I bought my first bottle of Dr. Brandt water booster in Sephora, during sale. It was still pretty expensive (around £24 instead of £34) and it was the blueberry version. Then, I received as a press gift one other bottle, the goji-maqui one that is currently available in the UK for cheaper: £25 without any offer on the Dr. Brandt website. It’s not that expensive, in the end, even if you buy it without an offer in France, because one bottle lasts 45-50 days.

Let me talk to you about my two water boosters.

Both are available in a glass bottle with a dropper. It’s easy to use and extremely playful (even if I use a pipette every single day at work…). One mL per day, diluted in water, provides the same amount of antioxidants than 15 cups of green tea, that’s fab because it covers 90% of our needs in polyphenols to fight against free radicals.

I have to admit I wasn’t extremely happy with the taste of the blueberry one, a mix between sour and sweet. Hopefully, the new goji-maqui version is better, it tastes like berries. But I was completely in love with this product as it was really acting on my skin that looks tired because of the stress, the lack of sleep, the pollution… It is definitely not like an aesthetic surgery or after 2 weeks resting in an abbey or something, but my skin seemed less tired, more alive…

In the end, this water booster definitely worths the price, don’t hesitate to try it, if you have the need and the opportunity.

My review: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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