Kings & Queens Chinese Princess Shower Gel [Review]

I have discovered the brand Kings & Queens by chance, when I was in France. I needed shower gels (it’s rare, I own so much…) and I found Kings & Queens shower gels on sale in Nocibé (a parfumerie less fancy than Sephora). I smelled them all and I finally chose this Chinese Princess one.

 shower gel chinese princess kings queens

I really love the concept of Kings & Queens, the fact that each product is named after a king, a queen, a prince, a princess… It’s just marketing, but it works on me!

The packaging of this Chinese Princess shower gel doesn’t seem that royal, but I like it too, because it’s pretty (I know, I am shallow) and extremely convenient : I use so much shower gel that it’s always great to have big bottles (this one contains 300mL of product) with a small opening to avoid wasting it.

Very liquid, this Chinese Princess shower gel is not a cream so I found it less sensual as expected (I guess that, because of Cleopatra’s milk bath, I imagine royal shower gels to be very voluptuous…). Anyway, used with a bath puff, this shower gel creates a lot of foam and I really enjoy using it in my shower to clean my body. After the shower, my skin is never irritating or dry. (But I have to warn you : the composition of this product isn’t that great, there is no paraben but a lot of other allergens, natural or not.)

But, the best thing about this shower gel, is its smell. It’s a flowery smell where a bit of jasmine is noticeable, along with a lot of other flowers.

You can find this brand online pretty easily, and Kings & Queens shower gels are sold 4-5 pounds.

My review: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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