Lush Hot Toddy Shower Gel [Review]


To be the best version of yourself on this Christmas’ Eve, you have to indulge yourself from head to toe with Christmas products. Personally, I have used one of my favorite Christmas shower gel from Lush to feel like it’s Christmas : Hot Toddy is the best.

It’s a great shower gel that cleans the skin without being too aggressive. It foams well, it’s super easy to rinse… but it’s not why I do recommend it you at 100%.

No, the main reason to try this product is its smell. Thank about red mulled wine, think about spices, think about lemon and orange. It’s definitely a Christmas scent, the one that you want to wear for this special time of the year. Bonus point, this smell is powerful, you will smell it on your shower flower, on your skin, everywhere in your bathroom for hours!

So indulge yourself with this Christmas delight, I hope you will still find this Christmas product for sale (it’s not available anymore on the UK Lush website…). It’s a great alternative product to the famous Snow Fairy

My review for this product: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Buy this product at Lush.

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