Lush Reindeer Rock Soap [Review]

Reindeer rock lush

When I am telling you that I am addicted to Christmas, I really mean it, guys! From head to toe, it’s Christmas time for me, including when I wash my hands in my bathroom. For this special purpose, I bought a piece of Reindeer Rock, a season-y Lush soap.

I choose this one (and an other one) from Lush because I didn’t know it yet and its smell makes me think about Lapland, the country of Santa Claus! Lingonberry infusion, bergamot oil, cassis absolute, cypress oil… all of these seems so closely related to Finnish people! No surprise it’s called Reindeer rock, just like the song.

My piece of soap wasn’t very expensive, only £3.10 per 100g. I am glad it does not melt too fast, contrarily to other Lush soaps. It’s very easy to use it, it washes perfectly the hands and it rinses fast.

Good point: it’s not too aggressive for my hands, so my skin does not require hydration right away. Bad point: the smell is amazing (even though I cannot really recognize these particular ingredients, just a fruity Christmassy mix) but does not stay on the skin. Too bad, but it allows me to use freely my Christmas hand cream from The Body Shop!

My review: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Buy this product in Lush shops or on their website.

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