Nair Easy Wax Microwave [Review]

When it comes to getting rid of hair, I am a huge fan of wax. In my opinion, shaving should never be the answer: it irritates the skin and removes hair only for 1-2 days. Worse, it is itchy when hair is growing again. Waxing, it’s having a perfect skin for 3 weeks with not that much trouble. The best for bikini and armpits, it’s Nair Easy Wax Microwave.

nair easy microwave wax

I love Easy Wax Microwave from Nair because it’s very easy to use. No cloth strip is required, we just have to heat the wax in the microwave, wait until it’s cold enough to not burn ourselves, then apply the wax as always (a thin layer in the direction of hair growth), wait a few seconds until it’s dry and finally peel off quickly.

In less than 10 minutes, it’s over. Every single hair is removed, it’s very efficient (even on short or thin hair) and it does not hurt that much as long as you remove the wax quickly, even for a Brazilian bikini. There is no grey area under the skin, because you remobe every hair bulbs.

400g of this Nair wax costs almost 11 pounds at Boots. This product is supposed to be for legs and body, but I use it for bikini and armpits because it is expensive and these area are not easy to deal with cloth strips (the major way to wax with drugstore products). One tub contains enough wax for 6-8 full bikinis and underarms waxing. Don’t hesitate to try this Nair wax during Boots offer: there is currently a 3-4-2 offer…

(In France, we have a lot of different perfumes for this wax: monoi, berries,… but the British one as a pretty good fragrance too.)

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