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What? It’s 2017 already?


In France, we have this saying that, as long as it is still January, it’s OK to wish Happy New Year. So here I am, hoping that you will have a great year, in 2017. If you are still around, this means that you are the best, because, come on, I didn’t write a thing in here for almost a year! I still cannot believe it. So, for you, the best of the best, la crème de la crème, I wish you that you dreams come true in 2017. Continue reading

Happy New Year 2016!

paris 2016 arc de triomphe

Happy New Year 2016!

For 2016, I wish all of you the best… including to become a professional on time management! Because, let’s face it, I am sure we are plenty to feel like time goes super quickly! It’s like there is a leprechaun who play with my watch, sometimes!

I therefore hope you will find time to spend happy moments with your relatives, to learn a new language (why not French? I know it’s a tricky one…) or to cook, to realize one of your dream or even to achieve these silly little tasks we all leave for tomorrow, every single day.

Personally, you already know it, I want to find time to blog regularly here. Let’s hope that I will succeed in it, because I have so much subjects I want to cover with you, guys! To start, tonight, I will schedule the articles until Friday…

A French Beauty Blog is BACK!

I am happy to be back here, guys! It took me a while to organize myself, to make sure I could regularly post articles in here – let’s admit it, it’s not that easy for me to balance my other blog, my Youtube channel, my studies and my medical issue (I am still in recovery from a surgery…).

But, here we are, I am pleased to welcome you back on A French Beauty Blog. Continue reading

My first Youtube video – Join me on Youtube!


I am proud to announce you that, today, I uploaded my very first Youtube video. It was a project of mine since June 2013 and I finally achieved it, yeah!

It took me time to fulfill this project, because of the money aspect first (I bought a new camera for this purpose only) and because I wasn’t enough confident about myself. Continue reading