A Merry Christmas Miracle [Movie Review]

merry christmas miracle

I wanted to talk to you about a Christmas movie, today, and I have hesitated a lot to choose which one: I am watching a lot of them in November / December! I finally chose one that has been released recently directly in DVD in the UK: A Merry Christmas Miracle (the original title in the US is A Merry Friggin’ Christmas – it was clearly better…).

This is one of the last movie in which Robin Williams appears, so I was surprised by the fact it has not been available in cinemas first… but, now that I watched it, I kind of understand why: this movie is not that great.

It is hardly festive (the US title was a clue…). This is the story of Boyd, played by Joel McHale, which is reluctant to spend Christmas with his family, especially with his father portrayed by Robin Williams. The air between these two is electric, if not explosive, and even if there is an “american” happy end… watching this movie was a little bit boring / depressing / not that much festive…

Sure, I laughed some times… but I did not feel close to the characters at all. Not sure I will recommend this movie to a Robin Williams fan… (nor a Lauren Graham one, just like me).

My review for this movie: 3 Stars (3 / 5)

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