My Christmas tree

sapin de noel 2015

As a Christmas lover, I tend to dress my Christmas tree super early… Usually, I do it on Thanksgiving, but this year, since I am at my mom’s, I took care of it on the 29th of November.

As always, I chose to decorate it with my favourite combination of Christmas colors: red and gold. I have added tiny bits of white – thanks to the use of candy canes, and some small green balls. Decorating a tree is just like dressing up: you need to add some touches of extravaganza to your routine to create a style.

sapin de noel 2015

After two years of decorating a tiny Christmas tree, I was glad to put on my Christmas music, to drink my Christmas tea, to burn a Christmas Yankee Candle… to dress up my family big Christmas tree. At some point, I was scared to have lost my instinctive touch on it, I don’t know, I wasn’t feeling it as I used to be… but, fortunately, I just had to move some balls here and there to create my perfect Christmas tree. I like it super decorated, I cannot go “less is more”.

Hope you enjoy it – as much as I love to stare it all day long!

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