Do you need a mannequin?


I have always been fascinated by my most creative friends. These talented writers, painters, tatoo or makeup artists, crafty guys… They do create things that are not just things, you know. They put a piece of soul in their art, there is always a story behind their creations.

Personally, I do not consider myself as a creative person. But maybe I am wrong, after all. Of course my every day job makes me follow protocols to the letter, and I have a tendency to follow food recipes to the gram… But, in the end of the day, my work is supposedly unique, original… so maybe I am creative on a different level, at the level of new thoughts and questions.

Anyway, I was talking about my creative friends because some of them are currently making their dreams come true. One has written a book, one is selling art pieces through her Facebook page, one stopped her daily job to start an intensive training… and a few have opened their Etsy e-shops!

So, obviously, because I am such a good friend, I want to help them. By supporting them by any way possible. I am a beta-reader there, I am sharing their links on my social media, I also bought a few of their creations. But I also want to help them develop their (new) activity. That’s why it was a perfect timing when I received a message about this website that sells mannequin for shops or e-shops (or to display your own belongings – why not?).

white head and wooden handWith my natural curiosity, I have visited this website and I really liked that I discovered. First of all, they have a ton of mannequins available. Female, male, children – in wood, metal or fibreglass – you name it, they have it. Second of all, I loved the fact that they are also selling size 12 mannequins, pregnant mannequins,… and what my jeweler friend needs: mannequin heads and hands. Perfect to display her necklaces and rings, but also wigs, sunglasses, bracelets…

One question remains though: do you prefer the wood ones or the white ones in fibreglass?

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