Mulled red wine / Hot spiced juice [Recipe]

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I am French, therefore I love red wine. And I am a Christmas lover, so I cannot resist to the mulled wine call. Especially the mulled red wine.

Let me share with you my favourite recipe.

You can replace the wine with orange juice or apple juice to serve this beverage to children… or just to have it all day long and being able to work anyway!

For 4 persons, you will need:

- 1,5L of middle range quality red wine (don’t trust the price label to choose your wine, one of my favourite in the UK is a Co-op Côtes du Rhône that costs less than 5 pounds…)

or 1,5L of not-from-concentred orange or apple juice

- 300g of sugar

- 2 cinnamon sticks (or 4 big spoons of ground one)

- 1 “thumb toe” of fresh ginger (or 3 big spoons of ground one)

- 4 cardamom crushed seeds

- 4 cloves

- the peel of a lemon.

How to?

The idea is to mix everything in a saucepan, and to let it warm up. When it starts to boil, just cover and decrease the power of your hob. Fifteen minutes later, it’s ready. To avoid eating the spices, you’d better use a coffee filter to pour the mulled wine in cups or a teapot!

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