My skin type & my hair type

When you are reading a blog, it is better to know a little about the blogger herself and her expectations about the product she tries. A blogger with oily skin will not like a nourishing cream, by example, and will not give you a good advice about it. You will find below more information about me, my skin type and my hair type.

My skin type

Even if I am not a teenager anymore, I have an oily skin with dilated pores and blemishes. It is due to a high level of testosterone in my organism, that increases the sebum production and opens pores to releases it. As the sebum is the food of acne bacteria, I often develop blackheads and whiteheads.

I had a hormonal treatment to diminish my testosterone level but, unfortunately, I cannot take it anymore. My goal now is to find the perfect treatment to decrease my sebum production and, then, say “byebye” to my blemishes. To do that, I am currently taking some natural supplements and I keep looking for the perfect mattifying cream.

My hair type

Another symptom of high level of testosterone is oily hair as pores are releasing sebum next to the roots too. It leads to a chronic loss of hair.

To cure oily hair, I am trying to avoid two types of ingredients in my shampoo: silicones and sulfates. Silicones disable scalp breathing and can lead to more oily roots and loss of hair. Sulfates are irritating and lead to even more oil hair and alopecia.

I am also banishing stress for my hair, as the use of hair dryer, blow dry… By the way, I am allergic to hair colouring.


Some random facts about me that can help you understand me and my reviews better:

- I am doing “layering” when it comes to beauty products. Don’t be afraid by the amount of products in my beauty routines! For me, there is no point applying makeup on a bad skin, so I do my best to cure it.

- I am not a nail artist. I love adding accent nails on my manicure, but I am not patient enough to create a real thing on my nails.

- I love food, I do not like sport. So I am always trying to lose some weight (key word: trying) and I do not feeling very comfortable in my clothes because of it (I do love fashion, but I keep telling me that I need to lose some weight before buying very pretty clothes).

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