Birchbox January 2016 [Youtube]

birchbox january 2016

Let’s finish this Birchbox week on the blog with another Birchbox unboxing. This time, it’s the last one I received, the January 2016 one!

As I told you before, I resubscribed for a full year in the beginning of the month. It costed me £135 but, in the end, I will pay every single box for only £4. Why that? Because I had £15.15 cashback when I resubscribed and, thanks to the Birchbox points we can collect by reviewing the products received, we can have more than £67 to spend on the Birchbox e-shop (and again, we can have cashback on this e-shopping sessions)! That’s a great deal, guys, don’t miss it!

That being said, let’s have a look to the content of this month beauty box!

As you could see, we have (again) a Benefit product, some new products from Caudalie and Jelly Pong Pong, and the total is worth £35, which is awesome since I am paying this box £4!

See you next week for some reviews!

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2 thoughts on “Birchbox January 2016 [Youtube]

  1. Carlene

    Hi ya lovely,

    Your blog is amazing and I can see how much passion you have for beauty. Have you heard of Younique? We supply makeup which is amazing!!! Our most successful item is the 3D Fiberlash mascara which increases lash volume by 400 :D we have just launched in France today and looking for some presenters to take on the business. Feel free to have a look on my website at the products and let me know what you think.

    Kind regards
    Carlene x

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