Birchbox UK – Boxes from September 2013 to May 2014

Since my moving in the UK, I am a subscriber of Birchbox. In France, this beauty box exists as well but I was not happy with the quality of its products and I prefered My Little Box. Here, I have to admit that I am amazed by the choices of the Birchbox UK team, a good balance between well-known brands and newbies.

Let me present you briefly the content of my first nine Birchboxes! From the June box, I will present you the box individually.


September 2013: Révérence de Bastien, Molton Brown (love), Model Co, Aromatherapy Associate, Bioderma and Green & Black’s. I was very happy to discover Aromatherapy Associate. Value: 31 pounds.


October 2013: Laura Mercier (love), Dr. Brandt (love), KMS California, The Balm (love), Dr. Lipp, Ultra Dex and Egyptian Magic. One of the best boxes so far. Value: 31 pounds.


November 2013:  Weleda (love), Beauty Protector, Chella, Laura Mercier (love), English Laundry, Pukka (love) and Birchbox. I love when it’s not only beauty products in a box. Value: 35 pounds.


December 2013:  Nail Rock, Korres (love), Delarom (love), N4, Alima Pure and a twist-band. Not enough magic for me for Chritsmas time, but I liked it anyway. Value: 24 pounds.


January 2014: Benefit (love), Tommyguns (love), Vasanti, Noble Isle, Premae and Istu. My revelation was for the miso soup from Itsu. Value: 21 pounds.


February 2014: Beauty Protector, Urban Veda, Leighton Denny, Gilchrist and Soames, Eyeko (love) and Green and Black’s. I was very happy to try Eyeko! Value: 23 pounds.


March 2014: Benefit (love), Dr. Brandt (love), Aroma Works, Molton Brown (love), English Laundry and Lulu Guiness. A good combination of everything. Value: 19 pounds.


April 2014: Color Club, RMK, Yin Yang, Laura Mercier (love), The Balm (love) and Propercorn. Very happy to try RMK. Value: 26 pounds.


May 2014: Benefit (love), Soigné, Aromatherapy Associates, Beauty Protector and Liz Earle (love). I am in love with this Liz Earle cleanser. Value: 28 pounds.

To date, I am very happy with Birchbox and I plan to subscribe for the second year in a row. The boxes are very valuable (especially because you gain points every month to shop on the Birchbox e-shop) and the customer service is great (they promise me to send my August box in September because I will not be in the UK in August).

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