Birchbox UK August 2014 [Youtube]


In July, I did not receive my Birchbox UK. No worry, the Birchbox team promised me to add an extra box to my annual subscription.

In August, since I wasn’t in the UK, I asked them to send the box at the very end of the month and I received it last week. Check out what was inside:

- a mini Dead Sea Spa Magik shower gel (25mL). I have always wanted to try dead sea products, that’s my opportunity. Value: 0.51 pounds.

- the Lumiere d’Hiver Super Comb prep from Number 4 (30mL). Again this brand in Birchbox… not sure I am happy with it. Value: 3 pounds.

- two miniatures of the CC cream from Supergoop! (6mL in total). It’s not a lot, but I like the name of the brand and I do use a CC cream on a daily basis for the moment. Value: 2,22 pounds.

- an exfoliating cleanser from Vasanti (20g). I love to exfoliate my skin, since it’s not very naturally unified, so I can’t wait to try this out. Value: 5 pounds.

- a Wild about Beauty eyeshadow (2.5g). It’s a full size and typically the shade I use for an everyday makeup, I am glad to discover this brand. Value: 13 pounds.

There was also the first chapter of a book and a small carry-on bag for travelling. I am not completely excited by this Birchbox content but, in the end, it’s not that bad and I do have more total value (£23) than what I spent on this box (less than 10 pounds) so I cannot complain!

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