Birchbox UK August – October 2015 + December 2015 review [Youtube]

4 birchboxes

After yesterday’s review of four Birchboxes, today I want to share with you my latest Youtube video, again about some “old” beauty boxes from Birchbox.

As you already know it, I have been back in France from August 2015 to the beginning of January 2016 for medical reasons. Therefore, I received the two last boxes of my annual subscription, August and September, at work (the Birchbox team could not delay them until January). In October, I did not cancel my annual subscription (because it was supposed to be over!), so I received the October box as well. I wasn’t pleased about that, because I wasn’t expecting it at all (and I was short on money…). So I sent an email to Birchbox and they agreed to cancel the annual thingy and to refund me completely. After two years of subscription, it was a no-brainer that I will resubscribe to Birchbox when I will be back in the UK: I arranged it in the beginning of January, and I received the December 2015 box first.

You will see the content of all of these beauty boxes in this video:

Some comments:

- The value per month varies from £23 to £32. It’s not bad (I was paying £7.73 per month anyway), but I had a better value before…

- A lot of Benefit products. Why not, I love this brand. But I hope this partnership doesn’t not impact on having also Too Faced products in the next boxes!

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