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My basic beauty tips [Youtube]

basic beauty tips

You may have already read my article about my complete beauty routine. In this article, I was stating a lot of basic beauty tips to use every day to have a better skin and a better hair. But, because they really worth it, I just wanted to sum up these tips in a Youtube video, taking the risk of repeating myself.

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Kings & Queens Chinese Princess Shower Gel [Review]

I have discovered the brand Kings & Queens by chance, when I was in France. I needed shower gels (it’s rare, I own so much…) and I found Kings & Queens shower gels on sale in Nocibé (a parfumerie less fancy than Sephora). I smelled them all and I finally chose this Chinese Princess one.

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Cottage Pina Colada Shower Gel [Review]

In France, Cottage is pretty popular for its shower gels. Very affordable and pretty easily found in supermarkets as E.Leclerc, the only problem for us is to choose a fragrance… because all of them are very tempting! Today, I want to talk to you about the Pina Colada shower gel, one of the Happy Shower fragrance created to remind us tropical cocktails…

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