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Clarins Sunshine Fragrance [Review]

Last year, at the beginning of summer, I bought Clarins Sunshine Fragrance after smelling it and falling in love with it. (And because it was 30% off in a gift set with a 10mL travel bottle and a nice beauty bag…)

eau ensoleillante clarins

Clarins fragrances, in my opinion, are more than “real” fragrances. They are called “eau” in France because their main goal is not to perfume you skin, but to take care of you with phytotherapy and aromatherapy effects. For example, the Invigorating one (“eau dynamisante” in French) is tonifying.

I chose the Sunshine Fragrance because, of course, it was summer and I liked its smell. Bonus point: you can wear it at the beach and be sure you will not have a sun allergy, because this fragrance is not photosensitive.

As I told you, I loved this smell. The notes are supposed to be the following: satsuma, grapefruit, ylang-ylang and other flowers, patchouli and tonka bean… but let’s be honest: I do not recognize a single one. It’s just warm, a bit fruity and sweetly, perfect for holiday. I tend to say that it smells like sun, or more like the skin that was under the sun all afternoon, but it is not that sensual. So I tend to wear it every day in summer (except when I am using my Rem perfume), no matter what I plan to do, how I dress up… It’s an easy-going fragrance that just fit me, I guess.

This product is easy to find in the UK. I found the 100mL bottle for £32 at Debenhams , John Lewis and House of Fraser. For once, it’s cheaper than in France where the same bottle is at 50 euros (£35). Boots sells only the other fragrances from Clarins, not this one, at the same price. Weirdly, I did not find it as well on Amazon UK. Even with its French name “eau ensoleillante”.

My review: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Lotion [Review]

The majority of French people uses drugstore sun care products, as this Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Lotion from Garnier (£14 at Boots and currently at 50% off…).

golden protect

It’s not a bad idea to use cheap sun cream, because we tend to not use enough product when it’s too expensive. And we need a lot of it to be really protected from the UVA and UVB of the sun. There is no excuse to skip the sun cream application, as it does not protect us from being tanned!

(Let’s use this article to revise our basics with sun cream: we need to apply it on dry and proper skin, every two hours and everytime we leave the pool / the sea. We should keep the cream away from the sun and should throw the tube away after 6 months.)

I bought this Garnier Lotion because it was one of the less expensive one with SPF30 when I was in Spain. I had no idea that the “golden” part of its name refers to shimmer incorporated in the composition. But when I realised that, I did no mind, as I was in holiday.

This sun Golden Protect lotion is very good. It smells like holiday for me because of its “sun cream” smell meeting monoi oil. It is easy to apply, it does not leave the skin sticky or white-ish. My skin was very soft after using it, I wanted to fondle myself!

This 200mL bottle is perfect for family. I used it every two hours every day with my mom in Andalousia for a little bit less than 2 weeks, and we did not finish it. Neither me or my mom had a sun burn, and we were definitely tanned by the end of the holiday. This product is not perfect anyway because it does not prevent us from being allergic to the sun, so I do recommend you to use sun-preparing capsules as my Phytobronz.

My review: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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Avène Couvrance Compact Foundation [Review]

I am back with an Avène product review, but a make up one, this time! My dermatologist advised me this Couvrance Compact Foundation because it’s oil free (my oily skin doesn’t need more oil) and I tried it on the road one year ago.

couvrance avène

It was very easy for me to apply some makeup during my road trip in the UK, thanks to the case of this creamy but solid product. I loved its mirror and its sponge (too bad I couldn’t clean it during my travel), but I was afraid of spots because, weeks after weeks, some dirts hang on the Couvrance foundation. You don’t want bacteria on your skin when you have oily skin…

With this sponge and this Avène foundation, my skin was perfected in less than a minute. A small amount of product was used every day: “couvrance” means coverage in French, I did not have to apply a lot of product to make my spots less visible. They were not invisible, though. This product made my skin looks more flawless and definitely super natural because I chose the perfect color: Porcelaine for my fair skin. Be sure, nevertheless, to not apply in on your eyebrows area or on dry patches: it looks horrible and not natural anymore!

The only bad thing, in the end, with this Couvrance foundation, is the fact that it does not matify the skin at all. It’s the least you can wait for, when it comes for oily skin product, but this creamy product is not powdery at all, you can expect to have a glowy face in a few hours… But because this product is not that expensive in France (15 euros in average), I did not mind using a powder on top of it (and retouching my make up during the day). BTW, in the UK, you can find this product sold on Amazon for 18 pounds.

My review: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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Alorée Chlorovitae Radiant Face Mask [Review] *

After talking about the Lush face mask Catastrophe Cosmetic… let’s talk about an other one, Chlorovitae Radiant from Alorée. I received it in France (this French brand is sold by Sephora), but you can fond it easily online in the UK.

radiant face mask alorée

You know why I love face masks: they are real care for the skin, because we applied them on bare skin and leave them for a few minutes there for their active ingredients to work. This one from Alorée promise us to detoxify and purify our skin, and to protect us against ageing thanks to its antioxidant properties. Certified Ecocert Greenlife and Cosmebio, this Radiant face mask is supporting research on chlorophyl.

Adapted to sensitive skins, we can use this mask in three different ways: in 5-minutes mask when we are in a hurry, in 10-minutes mask when we want to relax (thick layer on the skin) or in a scrub (with the Chlorovitae powder). Even if this product is a little bit sticky on the skin, it’s easy to apply and it does not let your skin dry (never let your skin dry during a facial mask, never).

This Alorée mask smells good like chlorophyl (but less strongly than a chewing-gum, hopefully) and is easy to rinse with clear water. After using it, my skin is immediately softer (I can feel it with my fingers or just see it with my eyes), like purified. It’s definitely more radiant, even during winter!

Because I do not need to use a large amount of product every time I use this mask, my 50mL tube lasts months and I feel like it worths the price (24 euros). I do recommend you this product, especially if you have an oily skin as mine!

My review: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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Reminiscence REM Eau de Toilette [Review]

Looking for a fragrance perfect for this summer-y weather? I have got what you need: REM from Reminiscence. This fresh eau de toilette will remind you instantly what it feels like to be on holiday.

rem reminiscence

I was completely crazy about REM last year and, since the sun appears in the UK, I can’t help myself: I have to wear it over and over again. Reminiscence used calone as a top note to produce a fragrance that smells like sea sprays. It’s fresh, addictive, it’s like lying on the beach… Can I please have a Mojito?

The other top notes are more floral (rose, lilac, jasmine) but they are less noticeable. That’s maybe why this perfume is supposed to be unisex… Personally, I find it feminine in a way, probably because the base notes are sweet: hello vanilla and tonka bean! Even if the heart notes are woody (patchouli) and spicy (fenugreek).

Because REM is an eau de toilette, don’t expect it to last all day. Personally, I don’t mind using it twice a day, as I am deeply in love of the top notes and the memories they bring back to me every time I smell them. Don’t forget, nevertheless, that this fragrance from Reminiscence contains alcohol: do not use it on your skin if you plan to lay on the beach or to stay more than a few minutes on the sunny terrace. I recommend you to use it preferably on your clothes (except if they are delicate and expensive, you don’t want to ruin them).

You can buy REM in the French Reminiscence shops, of course, but also on their website (available in English) and on Amazon.

My review: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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