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Yes To Carrots C is for Hair Care Mask [Review]

Let’s talk about hair care today with my review of the hair mask “C is for Hair Care” from the brand Yes To Carrots.

mask yes carrots hair

Hair care masks are like facial masks: essential. Used twice a week, they provide a real treatment to the hair, especially because we use them when the hair is clean (less sebum on the hair = the active compounds can work easily) and because we have to leave them on the hair for a few minutes (the active have time to work).

Usually, hair care masks are not supposed to be applied on the scalp, to avoid making our roots too oily. This hair care from Yes To Carrots is particular as it is said to be designed to moisture the hair and the scalp. To be honest with you, I did not try it on my scalp, as my roots are already oily enough… and silicone is present on the ingredients list. Talking about this list, it’s not that bad: 23 on 33 ingredients are natural and non allergenic, and the first 10 are definitely good.

My “C is for Hair Care” mask is a big pot of 250mL of product. Let me reassure you right now: it does not smell like carrots! The smell is mostly flowery, very easy to deal with. A small amount of mask is enough to treat my lengths. They are definitely softer and less heavy: my curls are even more alive with this mask.

Available at Sephora in France, the brand Yes To Carrots doesn’t seem very famous in the UK. I found this mask on Amazon UK, anyway: £25 on Amazon for two pots, or less than 15 euros in France for one…

My review: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

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Soap and Glory Daily Shine Glad Hair Day Conditioner [Review]

When it comes to products for my oily hair, I become pretty careful not to increase my sebum production. That’s why I do my best to avoid sodium laureth sulfate (a very irritating agent) and silicones in my hair routine. But, sometimes, I fail (I am human, after all) and that’s what happened when I bought my Glad Hair Day conditioner from Soap and Glory.

glad hair day soap glory

Silicones are not good for hair because they cover the hair fibres: the active ingredients of your hair care will not be able to work. Usually, silicones are easy to detect in ingredients list because of their names finishing by -cone (as the famous “dimethicone”). But some of them rhyme with -xane as “cyclopentasiloxane”. This one is contained in my daily shine conditioner and is a well-known endocrine disruptor: we really have to avoid it.

I used this Soap and Glory conditioner during my road trip in the UK. I just need something to detangle my hair, and this product made the job. I was very careful when using it, to avoid applying it on my roots (silicones increase the level of sebum in our roots, and I have already too much sebum there). In the end, my hair wasn’t worst after using this product, so it’s not that bad… but I cannot recommend you this conditioner as the interest of a conditioner is to offer a special care for our hair and, clearly, the use of silicones doesn’t allow it.

My review: 3 Stars (3 / 5)

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