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Butterfly wall as seen in Gossip Girl

One of my most requested articles each month on my French blog is about my wall of butterflies, or butterfly wall art.


I discovered wall art years ago by watching TV as butterflies decors were on top of Serena’s bed in her room in Gossip Girl and flowers decors are disposed in Diana’s bedroom in The Secret Circle (yeah, I know, I am such a TV-holic!).

I really had a crush about this new way to personalised your room… so I tried to find, online, how to do the same… and I discovered that these art works are from Paul Villinsk and cost a fortune. I asked to Google, as know as my best friend, if I could find a less expensive option to create the same effect on top of my bed in France, and I found some metallic flowers in Amazon, for example. But it was still too expensive and definitely not colourful enough.

In the end, I found a cheaper alternative on Etsy where hundreds of colourful butterflies, flowers, birds… are available. And I chose the wall 3D butterflies from MagicalWhimsy for my bedroom.

butterfly wallIn my bedroom in France, since it’s pretty colourful, I chose blue, purple and pink butterflies. I wanted them to “fly away” from my bed and I still enjoy this atmosphere, two years later.

wall of butterfliesSince I am gonna stay for 3 years in my flat in Exeter, I placed a new order to MagicalWhimpsy. This time, I have chosen shimmery black, shimmery white and beige butterflies and, because I already have a big picture on top of my bed, I disposed the butterflies in a small circles as in Gossip Girl.

I hope this article will help you if you don’t know how to create this romantic atmosphere!

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