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Kings & Queens Chinese Princess Shower Gel [Review]

I have discovered the brand Kings & Queens by chance, when I was in France. I needed shower gels (it’s rare, I own so much…) and I found Kings & Queens shower gels on sale in Nocibé (a parfumerie less fancy than Sephora). I smelled them all and I finally chose this Chinese Princess one.

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Clinique Anti-blemish solutions Clearing Moisturizer [Review]

It’s funny, I was pretty sure that Clinique is a French brand… but I had a look to their Wikipedia page and realize my mistake. Never mind, today, we are going to talk about a Clinique clearing moisturizer especially made for oily and acne-prone skin, the Anti-blemish solutions clearing one.

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Essie Jamaica Me Crazy Nail Polish [Review]

Sorry for the last days without reviews, I was in London and I wasn’t organised enough to schedule posts on all of my blogs. Next time, I will do better, I promise!

Now that the World Cup is over, let’s not talk about Brazil! Even if I looove football (I am #TeamFrance, but I am happy for Germany), I was a little bit annoyed by the amount of new Continue reading