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My basic beauty tips [Youtube]

basic beauty tips

You may have already read my article about my complete beauty routine. In this article, I was stating a lot of basic beauty tips to use every day to have a better skin and a better hair. But, because they really worth it, I just wanted to sum up these tips in a Youtube video, taking the risk of repeating myself.

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Clinique Anti-blemish solutions Clearing Moisturizer [Review]

It’s funny, I was pretty sure that Clinique is a French brand… but I had a look to their Wikipedia page and realize my mistake. Never mind, today, we are going to talk about a Clinique clearing moisturizer especially made for oily and acne-prone skin, the Anti-blemish solutions clearing one.

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I love… Raspberry & Blueberry Shower Gel [Review]

According to the French cliché, French people don’t shower. Of course, this cliché is totally false in this century (400 years ago, people use to put perfume on their dirty skin to cover the smells…)! As almost every French person, I shower at least once a day (twice or more during summer). As I use a lot of shower gels every month, let me talk to you about my I love… raspberry & blueberry shower gel!

i love raspberry blackberry shower gel

In the UK, the brand I love… is available easily, especially in Superdrug. I got my own bottle of this shower gel in France and, for once, it’s way cheaper in Britain: less than 3 pounds for 500mL!

When it comes to shower gels, I am not very difficult, I just want to be clean with an affordable product that smells good.

I chose this raspberry & blueberry gel because of my love to berries. I wanted to shower with a fruity and sweet smell. Let’s be clear: I was disappointed. It’s not that this product doesn’t smell good, it’s just that the smell is notintense at all, and way too chimical when you finally smell it. I tried a vanilla ice cream shower cream from I love… and I was about to eat myself because of this smell. Here, nothing. What a disappointment!

Of course; this shower gel does the job, cleanse my skin and does not hurt or dry it. But I am not happy with this product, some much more pleasure can be found during the shower with a better product…

My review: 2 Stars (2 / 5)

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