Jolen Cream Bleach [Review] [Tutorial]

mustache bleachingWhen it comes to facial hair (mustache, not eye brow), I believe in bleaching it to optically remove it. Because I don’t want to be high maintenance about growing hair (shaving or waxing), I have enough to take care about, elsewhere! Let me tell you right away that bleaching mustache does not create a blond mustache, it just makes your hair disappears!

In France, I worship Blondépil and its face bleaching products. This brand is not available in the UK, that’s why I am using Jolen, its british alternative. Frankly, I wouldn’t say it is equivalent, because Blondépil is the best, by far (so much easier to use), but Jolen isn’t that bad. It is quick to use, the result is good and the hair stay blond for long.

In this video, I will show you how I am using my Cream Bleach from Jolen. It is pretty straightforward, you’ll see. And you will be able to witness the disappearance of my hair.

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